Millennials! Why the risk of death from diabetes is growing fastest for you.

Blood droplet from glucose self-monitoring. Photo courtesy of Amanda Mills/CDC

Severity of condition and risk of premature death is growing fastest for people aged 18 to 34, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield

SUMMARY: People 18 to 34 have the most severe impact from diabetes, including risk of early death. Type II diabetes can often be managed with lifestyle changes.

A recent report from Blue Cross Blue Shield discusses the terrible toll diabetes takes on people’s lives, both physically and financially. 30.3 million people have diabetes, with medical costs to treat the condition estimated at 245 billion dollars.

The report reveals that millennials – people aged 18 to 34 – have the highest rates of disease severity and largest risk from premature death.

Is obesity is the culprit?

Obesity rates among the millennial demographic are rising too: between 2001 and 2015 rates of teenage obesity rose more than 30%, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Almost 90% of the people diagnosed with diabetes are overweight or obese.

What you can do

Many doctors believe that for people with type II diabetes (the most common form, associated with obesity, diet, and inactivity), lifestyle changes and weight loss can help the patient manage or even reverse the condition.

“Despite the impact of diabetes’ continued growth across America, the good news is that this epidemic is preventable,” says Dr. Trent Haywood, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Given how plugged-in most millennials are, young patients may find that a digital approach can help with with their quest for better health. We encourage millennials (and older folks, too!) to look for apps to help them manage exercise routines and dietary choices.

Source: Fortune Magazine

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